An Unending Path

Let’s Go Beyond Love

°Moon and Stars are mere reflections°:

Let’s peddle down the road of moon & revive those dusting stars.
Free them from their sins & enlighten them.
For they are innocent in their interests!
For they are dieing in their own name!

Jump above the lake; dive into the river!
Move across the soul; and reach into the depth!

Watch out:

Mature my love is; unending my wait is!
True my lies are; chained my pain is!
Careless my deeds are; passionate my love is!
Doors wrecked and uncontrollable beats!
All this I wished for; now all I’m lost in!

An end, thus to a mythological tale!
An honor worth giving; a praise worth sharing!

*A World Within World*:

This universe may not see the attachments we nail in love even after facing steep hardships in it. Love in itself can’t be drawn on a rough paper with unwell dreams scribed over it! Love in itself isn’t only about caring and being for one another; it’s also about saying nothing and just sailing! It’s a boat with no direction, yet worth drowning! It’s a boat of no souls, yet worth breathing! It’s a boat, my friend, of us, yet worth unknowing!

One day we die (universally acclaimed) not even acknowledging the feelings; not even facing each other! May this be the day to pour yourself over each other! World invasion isn’t physical; it’s the one swallowing one another! It’s the shallowness of high aspirations we attach over; let’s drop this and reborn! Sow the seed of fire; to burn and to satire!

Unplug the arrows and forget the wounds!
Collect those pebbles and connect our row!
Grow into the mud, firm and slow!
Even if I die forever!
Preserve your heart from vulture’s keep!
Ignite self from others’ reach!

Of strokes and lies are part of our tale!
Course of love is not safe!
Stake was our love in, hovering over the death!
Live beyond and trust we!


Utsav · February 27, 2018 at 12:18 pm

Very well written

imvedantdigari · February 27, 2018 at 10:03 pm

Thank you

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