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Geldinger – Three

Geldinger woke to find himself walking with a cane. The air smelled of fried onions and wood smoke but he could not detect the origin. He looked around. There were houses and trees and bushes and he was walking on a city sidewalk. It was a neighborhood that he did not recognize but that, nevertheless, felt comfortable for walking. He passed an old man standing on a lawn up a gentle rise. Eye contact.

“I’m ready for Spring,” the old man said.

He noted then the patches of snow in the shade of the bushes. “You bet!” he answered with feigned enthusiasm. He walked on. Ready for Spring, he whispered.

He heard some children calling and laughing up ahead. Without thinking, almost stumbling into it, he began a ragged jog toward the sounds, his cane held above the ground. He breathed deeply the air. It felt good to run.

Profile photo of Richard Miles

Richard Miles

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