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Mother - God's Greatest Creation

Mother – God’s Greatest Creation

Whether the toys that she brought
Or the sacrifices she made without a thought,
Or the lessons in life that she taught
And in return there’s nothing that she got,
Don’t know from where to start
Because she is a woman with a pure heart,
Who begins to love you even without seeing you
And this is the only love in the world which is wholly true.

She accepts you the way you are,
No matter whether you live with her or far.
She often thinks about you while driving her car,
Whether you are asleep when the sky is full of stars.

There is nothing to fear
When she is near,
In her prayers, she makes it very clear,
That her only wish is, you to live for years.
She cannot afford to see tears roll down your cheeks
And works without a holiday for weeks.

Age might fade away her beauty,
But she never runs away from her duty.
You are her strength and her weakness,
Your one failure can put her in stress.
When you are lost, down in the woods she would trace,
With her by your side, there’s nothing that alone you would have to face,
Because she would never leave your hand on the road,
And be the first one to share your load.

For her, life is like a race,
And in all the struggle and sacrifices lies her grace.
She forgives you for all your mistakes,
But later on you realises it to be fake,
When her face with that wide smile
End to drop tears after a while.
Her eyes expresses and speaks a lot of things
And she would never know, how much pleasure to you, her happiness brings.
She never told you the kind of struggling life she had,
And protects you from the outer world acting bad.

There is a taste of love even when she screams
For you, she give up or stop living her own dreams.
At times, over a phone call, at you she shout,
It is because it raises her heartbeat when you are late out.
In bad phase of your life, she acts like a shed
And narrate you stories while you fall asleep in bed.

To you, she would never seem old
Because her beauty lies in her heart as pure as gold,
And the love for you that she hold,
In her pretty and sacred soul,
To lead you a happy life is her only goal,
Yet there are many sacrifices and struggles of her that remains untold.

And she is the “MOTHER”,
Who cannot be replaced by any other.
Your child loves you to eternity,
Happy, is all your child wants you to be.

As we rise
We tend to turn wise,
But for her, we would always be that little child,
Whom she first embraced in her arms when we weighted mild.
Others might come and go,
Right direction in life, only she would show.
Now I lack words to throw,
To thank that Lord
Because mother is the most precious reward,
He blessed me with on my birth,
Who gives meaning to life and makes life worth living on this earth.

– Written by Siddhi Mehndiratta  with love and regards for My Mother❤

Thanks for reading 🙂 and don’t forget to give your mother a hug for all the love that she has bestowed upon you all these years❤❤

Hope to be back with another piece of work soon !
Till then keep loving, caring and sharing :)❤❤


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To all those who spared time to read my piece of work and thanks to all my friends who I may or may not have met personally.


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Siddhi Mehndiratta

I believe that Poetry is an art of invigorating words, to express feelings that are deep, important yet difficult to tell, in a more beautified approach.


Anonymous · February 24, 2018 at 11:25 pm

Love this

Siddhi Mehndiratta

Siddhi Mehndiratta · February 25, 2018 at 12:50 am

Thank you 🙂

awakeningwildflower · February 25, 2018 at 5:07 am

Absolutely beautiful…

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