In your absence

Did you realize that the days have now turned into weeks and weeks to months since you promised me to come home? I was always against you when you said you wanted to join the army, remember? Yeah, I know you are a hero for the country and I am proud of it but sometimes, in your absence, my mind leaves its place. In your absence, I feel that I could live without oxygen but I would die if I have to wait even one more second.

You have no idea what’s going on here. A single phone call that you make once in a week is what has kept me alive till now. I understand that there is nothing we both can do but it’s surprising how our past memories bring happiness and agony at the same time. I feel uplifted one second and the next second, I feel a burning pain in my heart. Return back soon or something hapless can happen to me in your absence.

Aditi Kharel

hey, this is Aditi from kathmandu, Nepal who is keenly interested in writing poems,articles,essays and other types of literature.Also check my blogs at

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