Father – Family’s Foundation


He is known as the man of the house,
Who completes a family with his spouse.
He transforms a house into a home
And leads his family all by his own.
He is never afraid of giving up on his own parents for his children,
This kind of sacrifice no one other than him has ever done.

While teaching you how to ride a cycle, he runs besides you to catch you when you fall,
This is the only reason why, to you, he seems so tall.
He buy you things to which no one in the family agrees,
Wakes up along with you during your exams with the help of cup of tea
And even manages to pay all your tuition fees.

By your side, he always stand
In your difficult times, be the first one to land,
In order to grab your hand.
For you, to any extent he could reach
To you, inappropriate lessons he would never teach
At every stage of life, he acts as a guide
Supporting you by standing by your side.

He doesn’t regret if he is blessed with girl child,
Instead fights for her girl against the world behaving wild.
You never find tears in his eyes
He take decisions for you, that are wise.
He never reprimands you for asking the same thing twice or thrice,
And tries to help even when not required, by appearing in disguise.

He doesn’t get rid off with his jobs even after he retires
To protect you, he would not think even once before jumping into fire,
As he can’t watch you go through all the sufferings and burns
He is always ready to spend on you every single penny he earns,
Still he never asks from you anything in return
Selflessness is what he tries to make you learn.

He do not restricts or causes you trapped within a shell
And what he feels deep down within, he never tell.
He escorts you to the hospital when you are ill,
And never hesitates to pay the heaviest bill.

He works for all day long
Before you, he pretends to be strong.
But in reality, there are many things that he hide,
Behind a smile that only appears to be wide.
He lacks the ability to express,
And burdens himself with all the stress.

Even when he arrives home late,
He has the capability for all your tantrums to tolerate.
He never finds the need to mention,
Of all that stuff that puts him in tension.

On his way back to home, he bring things for you to eat
And when promoted, buys a car to protect you from the sun’s heat.
No matter how tall you grow in terms of height,
You would approach him to know whether steps taken by you are wrong or right.

Old age might shed his hair
But for you, he would always care.
There would come a time, when he will loose the capacity to walk down the stair,
But still he would bless you with his best wishes while sitting in his armchair.

Only for you, he sometimes argues with his better half,
But console her afterwards by lighting her face with a laugh.
When you are late to reach at home
On streets, your tension makes him roam.

He builds you competent enough to be on one’s feet,
And this hardwork of him for years, you greet.
In the family, he takes care of everyone,
This is why, he cannot be compared to none.

And he is the “Father”
But for you, he is next to God rather,
Who wants you to be safe and sound
Even when he is not around.

– Written by Siddhi Mehndiratta with love and regards for My Father❤

Thanks for reading 🙂 and don’t forget to tell your father that you love him too❤❤

Hope to be back with another piece of work soon !
Till then keep loving, caring and sharing :)❤❤


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To all those who spared time to read my piece of work and thanks to all my friends who I may or may not have met personally.


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Siddhi Mehndiratta

I believe that Poetry is an art of invigorating words, to express feelings that are deep, important yet difficult to tell, in a more beautified approach.

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