Unrequited Love

Undeniable torture on its own
It’s pain my soul has known
Utterly confused and conflicted inside
For the one I need is the one blissfully unaware
Deaf, dumb and blind to my silent cries.

Unwanted but needed
A disease without a cure
Certain to scar, certain to wound
Treading sanity’s edge
A dormant demon’s want to strike consumes.

Faithfully silent, a shadow never seen
Impossible to shut, remain feelings unchosen
Red tears of agony bleeds my broken heart
Hollow yet certain of its want
And as ever, what’s not given, goes unreturned.

A state of pained mind impossible to leave
Utter loneliness all around my cage
Wanting to escape, wanting to savour
Salt on the wounds put lovingly in fervour.

And I beg of you to abandon
Indifference, my biggest foe
A slave to cowardice, yet craving the forbidden
A thirst gone unsatisfied, the proximity you ignore

Enduring merciless tests of time
As fate continues its cruel game
Fighting the creeping misery
Condemned to this unfair love unconditionally.

Forlorn hope retains its reign
And my bleeding heart clings on
To the last wisps of its life
Lonely still, as it was doomed to die.


When the soul weeps, the heart speaks... And these words are the fruit of my heart's blood. Visit my blog, hit follow and share

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