The Basic Ingredients for Success

When we are born we are given a blank book to fill up with experiences, failure, success… with everything. Good or bad, it doesn’t really matter. Everything we do in life gets to be noted down in our book. This book accompanies us wherever we go, whatever we do we have it in our pocket, ready to write something new in it. We are so silly sometimes that we believe we have an infinite number of pages that we can fill with all the things we want. Somehow, our subconscious knows that’s not true. People come ans go, life comes and passes by quickly, there is no time to waste.

As crazy at it may sound, at the end of our lives we notice that our beloved book is filled up with worthless stuff, things that just occupy space with no use at all. In the end, all that matters is what we leave behind us, the things we did that influenced others, the memories we left in people’s minds. That’s what really matters. Not some silly, stupid thing we once said or did, but the one we actually meant, the one that actually mattered. How many years we spend wasting the precious time we have on Earth? Who knows? One year, two years, 20 years?? Nobody actually knows, but everybody experiences the feeling¬†on remorse. That little dark feeling of not being able to turn back time abs relive all the moments that needed some changes, some adjustment.

Most of us are ambitious people who want something greater in life than just laying all day in bed doing nothing, being unemployed and having no purpose in life. Ironically, a lot of these people fail to achieve their dreams. Why? Because they care too much, they fill up their book with useless stuff, unimportant opinions and criticism. They waste essential pages on things that won’t take them closer to their purpose in life. ‘Ignorance’ Mark Twain said…well…that doesn’t mean we have to become cold-hearted or something like this. It means we have tu put aside all the negative comments we receive, all the judgment we get, all the bad energy we receive from people around us. It means we have to close our ears to everything that doesn’t help us develop. We have to become more selective in the things we let enter our minds and hearts. We all should atop listening to those who discourage us, to those who tell us we can’t do it. Guess what? We can! We can do whatever we want, it’s only a matter of time. Time will tell when things should happen so let’s not hurry up the process.

Closing our ears to everything that may pull us down can boost our self-confidence. It can give us more energy, motivation and desire to become greater by everyday. It’s amazing how human brain responds to good vibes, to compliments. We start to believe that we are unstoppable, because, truth be told, we are. I know, it sound so dramatic, but trust me, I know how true love, friendship, encouragement can help you become stronger. There is one trick in everything. We have to really believe we are capable of achieving our dreams. Start by thinking about it, then dreaming about it, then even acting like you are close to achieving your goal. Being so involved in your work would only take you further. It opens doors you never thought could be opened to you, it can take on so many journeys you will just be amazed by everything that happens in your life. Being confident means having faith in yourself and your powers. It means to believe you resonate with the Universe that everythibg will come to an end, an end that will bring you only happiness and success.

We are the most evolved species on the planet, but we struggle to admit that our weaknesses can become our strengths, only if we change our perspective on life. We have to see with our own eyes and feel with our own hearts that we are strong enough to overcome everything in life. We have to believe what we think makes us unworthy of succeeding is actually a tool we can use differently in order to reach the top of the mountain. We are not weak, we only see ourselves this way by comparing ourselves with others. We are all totally different so there is no use to compare ourselves with each other. Of course we are going to find differences! But having those differences doesn’t mean we are less important than others. It means we have something they don’t have and we can use that to win the game. Ignore the differences and build your confidence on your uniqueness.

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Ms. Brady · February 23, 2018 at 2:49 am

So, then… How could it not really matter what goes into the book?!

    Words From Quotes · February 23, 2018 at 11:17 am

    It matters, the ignorance is not about being totally uninterested about what we write in our book. It means to understand that there are some obstacles in life that we have to ignore, otherwise they will keep us from achieving our dreams.

      Ms. Brady · February 23, 2018 at 11:59 am

      Wasn’t referring to “the ignorance,” but where it blatantly read, it doesn’t really matter. I understand the rest, even if I don’t agree.

        Words From Quotes · February 23, 2018 at 12:11 pm

        Well, please don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this matter.

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