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I need to vow

I Vow

I need to vow
That my peace will be found
For my being is restless to sow
A love that knows not any bound.

My soul is infected with madness
And has been thus for so long
That my heart is full of sadness
And a silent, mournful song.

This love cannot be quenched by rains
Nor be sated by scrumptious feats
It runs raw through my veins
More fearsome than all known beasts.

Confused, impatient but kind
You search fulfilment, not pity
I did promise to help you find
Your long lost serenity.

Such a restlessness knows my soul
Such desire covets my heart
My being craves to be whole
And for us to never part.

Nothing, to me, has ever been more clear
Than knowing you and me are bound
And so, I vow with a lone tear
That our peace will be found.

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3 Comments · February 23, 2018 at 12:47 am

Wow, that was wonderful! 🙂

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