The Truth Of Life

Here is a thought provoking story based on an argument between God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.
One day an argument erupted between Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi as to who amongst the both is more powerful . Lord Vishnu said, “I am more powerful as I am the one who gives life to all the living beings and it is because of Me that everything exists”.

The Argument

Goddess Lakshmi on the other hand argued that, “It is only because of Me that all human beings are able to sustain themselves and live happily and rest doesn’t matter”. Lord Vishnu tried hard to convince the Goddess but She did not agree. So, at last, the Lord thought of showing Her the real world .

As they were sitting in heaven, the Lord brought forth a scene of a funeral procession going on in a village on earth. He showed Her how everyone was mourning and reciting only one line, “Ram Naam Satya Hai”; stressing on the fact that there is only one truth and that is the existence of God and rest all is ‘mithya‘.

Forgetting The Rest

But the Goddess still didn’t agree and said that She can divert the mourners attention towards her in a fraction of a second and they will forget about mourning and reciting God’s name. She started pouring money at the procession and immediately everybody started running after the  money and got engrossed in collecting it; forgetting the rest.

The Lord started laughing and asked the Goddess, why unlike others the dead man has not been distracted by the falling money? The Goddess kept quiet and then the Lord explained; He said, “The dead man has not got up because the consciousness or the soul, which is the representation of God is out of his body and thus the man rests, lifeless; unable to react to the incidence”.

On the other hand, rest of the people,who are still conscious, can enjoy all the goodness showered by the Goddess; since the soul within is still present in them, depicting the  consciousness.


The story gives us a beautiful lesson. It is true that in life nothing material is possible without the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi but we should not let the abundance showered by Her get into our heads. We should never flaunt our riches and be arrogant, because it is only due to the consciousness that we have, because of the presence of God within us, that we are enjoying everything in our lives; whether it is the good food, clothes or other luxuries.

Once this consciousness goes, we are left as a piece of flesh, which has no feelings. We have to leave all the possessed belongings on earth; no matter how expensive or dear they are to us. So, always have the knowledge that what we are and what we are able to do is due to the presence of God within us and the blessings of both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Mamta Sehgal

Author – The Perennial Journey

Mamta Sehgal

An educator,a believer and now an author.An ardent devotee of the all eternal Shri Krishna & Bhagavad Gita and propagates that the light is within & can illuminate everything.


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