Pondering Love

My life became really rough
When I fell in love in a puff
It happened in a blink
Since, I have been on the brink

It makes me feel quite queer
Because in love, nothing is clear
Am I being selfish or selfless?
I can never stop being restless

My happiness depends on theirs
Is that what this world calls fair?
I feel love is silly and stupid
Just what have you done, Cupid?

No, I am not at all fine
I just can’t help but whine
Oh, being in love is tough!
Such bothersome stuff

I daydream all day long
But it doesn’t feel wrong
In love is a strange serenity
Even if it takes things to extremity

Before, I was proud of my mind
Now, it is of the idiot kind
Smart to stupid, I have become
I might as well go beat a drum

Often I find myself wonder
Whether love is a blunder
Is love good or evil?
Or simply something primeval?

Love is being stabbed by a knife
Bleeding, but still living life
It does never end, but start
Please be still my heart!

It’s easier to build a castle
To love is such a hassle!
I am not being truth-less
It’s just love that is ruthless

Love might just be a battle
Our life, it really does rattle
Love is quite a mystery
That has no victory

On and on, I keep pondering
For love always keeps bothering
I know not why I fell in love
Yet, I know that I can’t un-love!




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Elizabeth Jose

Elizabeth Jose · February 28, 2018 at 12:28 pm

beautiful <3
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