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How Can I Keep Silent?

How Can I Keep Silent

How can I keep silent
When birds sing out their praise
They greet the sun each morning
With songs that lift His name

How can I keep silent
When sunrise lights the sky
The colors give Him glory
As gilded clouds shine bright

How can I keep silent
While trees wave praise all day
The rustling of their leaves
Shout out in lofty praise

Can you hear their worship
Can you see their praise
Lifted up to heaven
Honoring His name
Their song lifts up to heaven
Their glory fills the skies
How can i keep silent
While nature testifies

How can I keep silent
When babbling brooks proclaim
A song of hallelujah
Proceeds throughout they day

How can I keep silent
When stars praise in the night
Twinkling in wonder
Of His power and might

Will you rise and worship
Will you rise in praise
Sing out hallelujah
Glorify His name
My heart beats in wonder
My soul leaps within
Longing to rejoice
And lift my voice to Him

I will lift my eyes to heaven
I will raise my hands up high
I will not be silent
I will testify
Glory to the King of Kings
Glory to the Lamb
I will sing His praises
I will worship Him

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