Take a Break

We tend to do everything we can to achieve what we want. No matter the target we give everything, we sacrifice a lot, sometimes we don’t even think and just jump forward waiting to see the result. We are humans and we burn out fast, but weird enough, we like it. We spend hours and hours struggling to find our way in life. We waste energy on unimportant matters that we believe are actually important and have a meaning in our lives.

It’s alright to work hard for our dreams. It’s perfectly normal to do everything we can to achieve our desires. It means we care about that we want and that we are willing to do all it takes to get there. The only thing we forget to do and it’s essential to our survival and development is to push the ‘pause’ button. We keep doing what we do on and on and on and we never stop. We think we are robots that can keep going on without a break. At some point we burn out and end up having no energy to go on. In the worst case we even affect our health with so much stress and concern. If we are too willing to get what we want we don’t even realize how much stress consumes us. We get used to it and reach the point when we can’t imagine our lives without it. Stress becomes a part of our lives, a part of us and unfortunately, that’s wrong.

We fight and fight. We do our daily routines thoroughly and mindfully thinking that it will get us closer to our task. We do our ‘homework’ like good pupils do just to be sure that everything goes on smoothly and that nothing will get in our way. We try everything we see on the internet in terms of learning, studying, working out etc. just to make sure we don’t do any mistakes on our path, just to be sure nothing will get us off our ‘flight to achievements’. It’s somehow explainable. We use ourselves (time, energy, knowledge etc.) in order to achieve our dreams that we end up using everything we have, everything we are and when we realize what happened, it’s too late.

We are not robots (even they need break from time to time to be able to keep doing their job for a lot of time), we don’t have a manual that says how to repair ourselves. We are humans and sometimes working 24/7 uses so many resources that we end up so devastated that we need a looooot of time to recover. Depression is one of the things that can happen to us. We get to tired, too worried so we stop thinking logically and start feeling anxiety inside of us. That little invisible enemy grows bigger and stronger everyday. At some point, we stop controlling it and it start to rule us, inside out.

Just breath, that’s the first thing we can do. Just stop for a while, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and just try to relax. It’s not easy the very few times, trust me, I know it. It might take a few times to understand the usefulness of it and get the necessary courage to keep doing this whenever you feel like it.

The main important thing is that no matter how much you work, how much you consume all the resources you have if you don’t learn when to say ‘no’. Say it whenever you feel like you don’t go further, when you feel like it doesn’t work anymore, when you feel like you are working for nothing. That’s the time when your body screams to you ‘stop for a second!’ It’s nothing wrong with that, you just have to understand that you have your own power, own rhythm, own way of working. Taking a break doesn’t mean you are weak, it means your capable of acknowledging that you need to step back for a while and fuel your batteries for your next fight. The way you do this…it’s all up to you!

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Gaurav · February 20, 2018 at 12:19 am

Saying no is tough. But one needs to learn it.

    Words From Quotes · February 21, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Saying no helps us see further in life and helps us understand what is really important for us.

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