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Sea shells and waves

It was dusk,
The moment, ‘Frozen’,
But it felt okay.
It felt okay, to be vulnerable.
It felt okay, to be open.

The sky was tainted,
With yellowish vibe.
The mores, not the one I know.
People, faces I never saw.
But, just a single being,
Like the only man alive.

Eyes like that of an infant,
So much curiosity,
So much to learn.
So much hopeful,
At a point,
The same pair,
So old,
So wise,
Maturity, a word that only belittled.
At a point,
So young, so curious.

Like two branches of rivers,
blending in,
Trying not to get hit by the waves
Waves, leading to a painful bliss.
Waves, trying to become one.

So must left,
So much learned.
So much to get with,
Like a conquest
already won,
Like a past,
Already known.


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Meenal · February 20, 2018 at 12:21 am

This is so beautifully written Rubina.

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