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Sacrificing to Gain

Put forth your greatest woes on a silver platter
Listen not with innocent ears to the sinful trickster’s idle chatter

Feed your uncertainty to the gods of grace
Watch and wait as your doubt dissolves without a trace

When you lose yourself in the fight at hand
You’ll stand to gain all that you demand

Time tells all even if you fall to the wolves and fears
Just bite your lip and wipe away your tears

Keep your head held high until the clouds fade away
Tell yourself to believe that the world’s not always so gray

Color swirls mysteriously melding with beautiful idols
When your locked up soul finally unbridles

Stand atop the mountains with chest puffed with power
Hold on to hope until the final hour

Profile photo of Angela Salinas

Angela Salinas

I'm a motorcycle riding poetry rhyming Finance student just trying to find creative ways to express myself to destress myself. If it's to your choosing, then let's get cruising!

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