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On the shore of calmness,
Few feet away from the forest of chaos,
Looking up for a drop of hope,
I have my mind where the heart is,
But the heart doesn’t know what my eye sees,
Blind to the obvious dangers,
Good is what it always tried to be,
Confused, I am, about what to change,
But if water turns to rain,
Then, surely, calmness would bring me hope,
Change might not be what I need,
It is my mind that I have to, sometimes, pay heed.

Profile photo of Jayaram Guda

Jayaram Guda

I am an introvert and just a software developer, living miles away from people who love me, searching for the meaning of life and what makes me happy.


yaneile · February 18, 2018 at 1:05 pm

Beautifully written.

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