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Poetry of Hope!

Let us begin the first post of the new year with something called “Hope”! Happy New Year, Guys! Have a good one!

It is a strange thing.

It grows out of the slightest of space, a sound, a sight
Taking a special place within the heart
And it is persistent

It does not die
It cannot be killed
Or waved away or splat like a fly.
Even in the bleakest situation
The tiniest of the hope survives.

It does not need much to go on
And moves on faster than the self does.
You have to catch on to this little thing
And say, “Hold on. Slow your pace.”
But it is also adamant. Just do not listen.

And after all that
One fine day I found
That it did stop
When the eyes showed it something that the heart couldn’t bear
And it was so heavy that it suffocated the little hope
And pressed on to it ‘till it had pulled the breath out of it
The strong warrior was dead.

What was that surpassed the saddest of sorrows?
That at last laid the hope to rest.

An old woman, wrinkled skin, wobbly knees and aching back
Lonely, starving, begging piece of misery
Half blind and full lost
Struggling to put one foot ahead of the other
And still uttering praises to the Lord

Or the eyes of a father and a mother
Sitting beside the bed of their child, speechless
When none of the cures worked
No capsule or ring or offering was to any avail
Suffering silently, with head bowed
Waiting for a miracle to change it all
For a smile to lit the face most dear to them.

The dirty shell of a person
Curly hair, blackened teeth and opened sores
Wearing rags for clothes
And muttering gibberish
Unaware of the family he belonged to
Of the relation he was tied to
Fending for himself in a World that is not true.

The scenes broke me from within,
Made me question my believes, my faith
But, you see, hope has a way to grow back
As its roots are dug deep in the Heart
And an essence of hope still lingers
In the prayers of the damned soul
In the shadowed life of the helpless parents
In the mad man’s world!

~ Parishmita

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