He Covered Me

I will not be denied
The blessings of the Lord
He’s laid them out for all the world to see
I’ll seek His will each day
I’ll draw close to His side
Then I’ll become what he wants me to be

Mercy flowing freely
For His mercy covered me
I’ll always see the best in everyone
Grace that covers mistakes
For His grace has covered me
Forgiving and forgetting those things done

Joy that never ceases
For His joy has covered me
No matter what the test I still feel blessed
Peace that calms my spirit
For His peace has covered me
The storms of life all pass me as I rest

Hope for life eternal
For His hope has covered me
Nothing can distract me from my goal
Love that knows no bounds
For His love covered me
The love of God will fill my heart and soul

Then when the day is over
When the sun is settling down
I will know that all these blessings guide my life
I’ll climb into my bed
Then I’ll lift my praise to God
For keeping me attracted to His light

I will not be denied
The blessings of the Lord
He promised them for all the world to see
You too can claim them now
There close within your grasp
Just give your all each day
Make Him your only way
Then all these blessings will be yours to keep

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