End of the Line

One day I won’t care,

If I can see miles through the fog,

Or If I have millions in cash to spare,

Or If I cross states through a mere jog,

Or If I can take wind and fly in the air,

Or If my name is mentioned in every song,

That day is the day when I will say enough,

To everything that would cause me grief,

I thought I could be steady and tough,

But I see that I have been wanting some relief,

My walls seem to be breaking,

My foundation trembling and shaking,

My grit has never been so less,

My goals and ambitions are a total mess,

I am sitting here wanting this to end,

I can neither man up nor at least try to pretend,

Today is another day that I sleep alone,

And if silent tears were the currency of this world,

Then I would be the richest among everybody known,

I would have spent on love and happiness as long as they were sold,

But one day I guess I won’t care,

As I will either get used to the hurt or might even grow one more heart as spare.

Jayaram Guda

Jayaram Guda

I am an introvert and just a software developer, living miles away from people who love me, searching for the meaning of life and what makes me happy.


midnightmagician · February 18, 2018 at 11:55 pm

So good! Captured the mood wonderfully..

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