A Windows 7 User In The US Wants Microsoft To Pay Him $600 million for upgrading it to Windows 10

People can sometime be more stupid than one can ever expect them to. Recently, a US based man, Frank Dickman Jr, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, showed the world how much he hates Microsoft’s new product, Windows 10.
Frank filed a lawsuit against the tech giant Microsoft and its CEO Satya Nadella accusing them of “civil rights violation”. He is now seeking a compensation from both parties for infringing his rights. He has accused them for the auto update of Windows 7 on his Asus laptop to Windows 10.

What he wants out of the lawsuit?

Mr. Dickman is very clear with his needs. He has asked the tech giant to either pay him a whopping $600 milion (3834 crore) or provide him with a digital download of Windows 7 and an activation key to get his OS activated. According to him, his troubles began when his Asus 54L notebook, which came with pre-installed Windows 7 automatically upgraded to Windows 10, and “became non–functional immediately”. To get this sorted, he has given Microsoft a period of 30 days.

Going by the context of it, “the only sensible remedy for Microsoft Corporation is to supply the OEM version of its operating system by download from its website and confirm it by the key code which came with the computer”, the lawsuit reads.

Leaving aside the mammoth amount of compensation he has asked for, this lawsuit clarifies the real feelings of Dickman. He is not in for $600 million. He certainly hates the functioning of Windows 10, which many people all around the world do. I am one of them too! Many people are annoyed with this forceful upgrade to Windows 10.

Now, let’s hope that Microsoft realizes its mistake. And their mistake is not just the forceful upgrade to Windows 10, but also “Windows 10” itself.


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