Life-Love and Live

Life is to live & life is to love,

And you only live when you learn to love.

Love all that exists around,

God’s creations; the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky and the light,

the plants, the mountains, the air, the day and the night.

The spring, the summer, the winter and the rain,

loving all that we tend to refrain.

Love the colors; of the sky, the sun, the flowers and the leaves.

Love the shapes; of the flora, the fauna, the birds and the beast.

Love the whispers of the air and the shades of the sea.

Love the melody of the birds and the sounds of the leaves.

Love the man, the woman and the child.

Love the young, the old and the naive.

Love the rich, the poor and the one’s in need.

Love without expectation and the greed.

Love the ability to walk, talk, see and hear,

to smell, eat and to bear.

Love all that you receive and never try to deceive.

Life is thus only to live with love,

loving the others and the self.


Mamta Sehgal.

Mamta Sehgal

An educator,a believer and now an author.An ardent devotee of the all eternal Shri Krishna & Bhagavad Gita and propagates that the light is within & can illuminate everything.

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