First kiss

It was a pitch dark night.
Soothing breeze was running through the ears.
Both of them were sitting on the terrace to spend some quality time, away from people, away from crowd.
Just him and her….
They were talking about people, they were talking about love, life and their careers.
After sometime they both went silent.
“Drink?” He broke the silence and asked.
“Okay”, she replied.
He went downstairs.
He came back with a bottle of vodka, cold drinks and some snacks (as he already knew she likes vodka).
They both had their drinks and got busy talking again.
He was so fascinated by her.
That time he realized he got his girl.
While she was talking, he put a kiss on her cheeks.
That gentle touch of his kiss drove her.
The stimulation of emotions made her kiss him back on his lips…
It was their first kiss…
It was the first time both the lovers kissed each other under the naked sky, under the stars….

Alankrita Verma

Alankrita Verma

Dentist ❤️ Life is full of ups and downs. I'm just trying to find piece of solace ...and peace of mind! So here I'm doing what I love to do!

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