Cry of a Heart

Can’t find words to express,
All these emotions that I can’t suppress,
The hate for loneliness,
The want for eternal happiness,
The love built up to shower on my eventual wife,
The craze to experience the bliss of family life,
The obliviousness of how the touch of my first child would be,
And the sight of his/her first smile and steps could be,
Alas! the wait has to go on,
But the hope is far from gone,
From now on I will try to be my best,
Whatever challenges come my way will be taken as a test,
As for what waits for me I don’t know,
All I can do is go with the flow,
Hold on and Cherish life’s precious moments,
With my friends, brother and parents,
Happiness is what my face will exude,
Joy and smiles is what my surroundings will include.

Jayaram Guda

I am an introvert and just a software developer, living miles away from people who love me, searching for the meaning of life and what makes me happy.


Von Smith · February 15, 2018 at 6:10 pm

“Eventual wife” Says a lot. The other side of waiting is waiting for the right one. So many people marry the first one they fall in lust with. That can bring the sad mix of joy and sadness, when you have children and find out you have nothing left for each other. Patience and finding things you love to do will eventually put you near the right one for both of you.

    Jayaram Guda · February 15, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    Thank you for the kind advice!! I understand what you mean. Have been told that same by the elders. “Eventual wife” would be the one where she understands me and I understand her. When each of us has had enough time to fully commit.

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