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Alone in the dark room

Geldinger – One

Geldinger entered the room slowly, peering carefully to the right and the left. It was dark, though a little light seeped in around the edges of the dusty curtains and his eyes quickly adjusted. The room was empty, walls a light color, floor of unfinished wood, pine maybe, with the one narrow, curtained window which furnished the bare bit of light. Empty, save for the chair, of course, white-painted wood, ladder-slatted back, nondescript.

He entered, closing the door softly behind him, walked to the center of the room, carefully sat. In a moment, after seeming to hold his breath, he sighed deeply and closed his eyes, and dropped off to sleep, till he snapped awake after 30 seconds or so.

What was he doing here in this house he had entered and barely remembered, in this room that seemed somehow familiar though without associations? How did he get here? Where was he before being here? He would sit, he decided, until it came back to him.

He would stay awhile, he thought, at least until he remembered.

Profile photo of Richard Miles

Richard Miles

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