The magic is in truth when it takes you to a place called far, far away. Talk about nonsense and talk about the logic. An eerie touch darling, it awakens a mystery. Your ludicrous smile gave me another whole reason to explore sensuality. Your words became my source of breath, your efforts became my time, your pain dragged me into darkness, your surfeited expressions of alacrity kept me moving, darling.
Little did I know that time would slip into a cobweb of agony. Darling, why the twinge? The prick went right through my heart.
Once in a while, a silhouette falls at the back of my mind. You opened a new gate to seek more of what I drenched in. I hope to stumble upon a new obstacle, a new face, a new reverence.
Darling, I’m fine. You gave me a reason to explore this arduous journey. I will stay there, I will fall in love.

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