10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Therapy

1. We have all gone through some type of separation.
2. At least 90% of human beings deal with addiction of some sort.
3. Narcissism is on the rise.
4. You Can’t put on the Plastic Smile Forever
5. Chaos is All Around Us
6. Those Secrets Will Tear Your Ivory Tower Down
7. Just for Once Find Out Who You Are
8. Family Can make or Break Us
9. Aren’t You Just a little Bit Mad or Resentful?
10. Are you afraid of Losing Everything?

I say we have all gone through some type of separation. For most of us this is true. We have at least separated from our parents and everything we have known to attend college or to make it big in some profession.

Have we really dealt with those feelings though? What about your relationship or marriage with your significant other? Is it crumbling and falling apart? Have you cheated? Have they cheated? How do you deal with each other?

We have a responsibility to ourselves and those we love to confront what’s really going on.

Addiction to substances and Alcoholism, seem to be an ever-present problem in our world today. Well even food, pornography, cutting, and more. There’s all kinds of reasons for, the actual act of addiction is only but a symptom. Until you get down to roots and causes, you won’t be able to work through it and it will destroy you. I know this by experience.

Narcissism is on the rise. The fact is we all probably have a touch of narcissism. We think the rules for everyone else don’t apply to us. We think because we are having tough day, we should be given a break. Maybe we are just better than everyone else.

Maybe we need a reality check.

You can put on a plastic smile for your friends and family and even strangers. But sooner or later, we all must cry.

Chaos is all around us and it seems as if the world is getting crazier and doesn’t it just make you feel a bit crazy yourself? The Good news is you probably are not crazy. The best news is through therapy you can break down each part and find out why you feel crazy.

The secrets we are determined to take to our grave will only tear us down. Don’t forget if you do have some success in this life, the dog sniffers will be around. Wouldn’t you rather deal with it now instead of later?

If you are in therapy, it might be a great idea to make that list of things you have not discussed and start discussing them. You don’t want your life to implode right in the middle of what could be the best day ever!

Sometimes you cannot find out who you are until you have that 50 minutes away from friends and family. Then you can begin to build on who you really are and be happy. It gets a little bit tiring to be the one who is everything to everyone, except you.

We all have a little bit of anger and resentment toward something or someone who was and or is in our life. We must deal with it, before it eats us up inside.

When we depend on others for everything, we can lose it all in a second. Maybe, its time to figure out how to go forward and provide some things for yourself.

These 10 reasons, I am sure are barely scraping the surface of why we should all try therapy at least once, for 6 weeks. After all, without some sort of commitment to something, nothing will work.

Here’s to making a happier you.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Radin

Mike 51, lives in South East Missouri USA. I love writing. Its therapeutic for me and I feel cleansed when I can get it out. Writing is spiritual for me no matter the topic.


Anonymous · February 12, 2018 at 1:07 pm

So true.

Mike Radin · February 12, 2018 at 9:34 pm

Thank you.

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