One For You

Crumbling legs
Aching back
Eyes bleary
Tired soul
There she comes
Swaying her bag
Looking happy
On the whole
Finding her
Is a dream come true
She’s meeting me
Dressed all in blue
How do I look
She asks with a smile
I look at her
My eyes so vile
For hours and hours
She slogged like a slave
Yet here she is
God, isn’t she brave!
She walks closer
And hugs me tight
I lift her up
Still feel so light
You are my love
A part of my soul
Believe you me
You are my goal!

¬©Sundaram Chauhan 

Sundaram Chauhan

I am a writer, and have chosen to follow my passion after having worked for the world of financial research for a decade. I like writing poems, and stories.

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Anonymous · February 12, 2018 at 1:20 pm

Beautiful words.

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