You are not weak

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Damn they are so strong! If I were going through that, I would crumble to pieces.”

But have you ever thought, that maybe they can handle their obstacles not because they have some innate power or ability only they possess, but because they summoned the strength when the time came.

Everyone has different experiences in life. That fact translates to everyone having different strengths and weaknesses. Life is a brutal gym. A gym we can’t skip just because we don’t feel up to the workout. What happens in life can either injure us or strengthen us. Today, our life might feel like a sore muscle; hurting and exhausted and aching. Sure, if that muscle keeps getting abused, then it can be injured and take even longer to recover. The point is that each strain in life builds emotional muscle. What once might have been someone’s breaking point, became their strength. But, what if life’s weight machine is too heavy? Well, there’s a reason why we have partners and trainers for in a gym.

Some things in life are too huge for a person to deal with or lift on their own. Most of us would tend to retreat to a corner when we are sad or overwhelmed. At first, it seems the best way to heal ourselves as it gives us comfort and lets us clear our thoughts, but we should avoid isolation. When that weight is heavy, we should let someone help us lift that problem. It does not denote that we are weak, but that we want to grow stronger with a little assistance. Eventually our emotional muscles will strengthen and the problem might not seem so daunting.

Everyone has a breaking point. A point where we feel there is no way out and are trapped forever, but in those times remember there is help out there. We all have obstacles. Even the most privileged of us, still have weights they must lift. So when you are at your breaking point, lean on those good people. You will become stronger in time. You will overcome your obstacles and you would be the person someone else needs when they reach their breaking point. Remember to take care of each other and I promise everything would be fine.

“Stars cannot shine without darkness.”


Anonymous · February 12, 2018 at 1:27 pm

So true. “Stars cannot shine without darkness”.

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