Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tweets About Triple Talaq To Protect Muslim Women

PMO India tweets, “I make a humble request to all the parties that we can pass the bill on Triple Talaq. We have to pass this bill and protect the Muslim women”.

Is passing a bill on triple talaq more important than protecting the rights of the women as a whole? How many cases of triple talaq are registered every year? I don’t say that triple talaq is right. But we should rather lay stress on protecting the rights of every woman, and not just muslim women. It is not just triple talaq that is wrong. There are many women who keep waiting for their husbands to return. They stay all alone waiting. Their husbands just leave them, without a word, and go away to never come back ever. What about them? What about the women who are subjected to domestic violence? Is just triple talaq wrong? I don’t think so. Why is not equally necessary to pass a bill against rape, against molestation, against eve-teasing, against those men who abuse women, physically, mentally and/or sexually? Why are those rapists allowed to walk off? Is triple talaq a bigger evil than rape? I am not trying to make two negatives, one positive. What I am trying to say is, if triple talaq is wrong, so is rape, molestation and eve teasing. There should be bills passed to protect every woman irrespective of her religion. There should be bills passed against every crime, and not just “Triple Talaq”. Honorable Prime Minister should lay stress, not only on “Triple Talaq”, but on all the measures needed for the safety of women throughout the nation.

These are just my thoughts. Do all of you think like I do? Maybe, maybe not! But Prime Minister Narendra Modi surely doesn’t.


Totally unprofessional; Trying to figure out what writing is all about; I am just a name.


Shraddha · February 5, 2018 at 7:23 pm

First of all, very well written!
Secondly, I think Triple Talaq is also an important issue, had it not been why would Muslim women go to Supreme Court for justice? You’re right that women rights should be protected no matter what religion they from. I think PM Modi is serious about Triple Talaq issue and it’s a good sign. But govt needs to deal with other important issues as well.

    ascerblog · February 5, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    I am not saying that we should not fight against triple talaq. But the point is, are women in India safe? Leave triple talaq aside for sometime. What about every single girl living in India? Are they safe to any extent?

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