Let People Grieve in Their Own Way

Imagine your loved one deceased. It doesn’t matter how or from what, just imagine the pain of losing someone you thought you will spend your whole life with. Now, it is just you, like you lost a part of yourself. Everybody feels sorry for you for a while, show you pity, but they move on. But you can’t, at least not yet. You are stuck in a hole of sadness, tears, loneliness.

One day, you are walking home from your job and you pass someone and you over hear him saying something to a friend. Something about a guy that can talk to ghosts. You think, it’s bull, it’s sci-fi, he must be on something. Or maybe you don’t think anything, just absorb the information. You get home, turn on the lights, make dinner for one and start thinking about what you heard. You still think it’s impossible, but you start considering other options. What if it is possible? Should I go and try? See what it is all about? Do I even want to do it?

Let’s say there are 2 options. One, you visit the guy and see if he can talk to your loved one. Then what? Do you talk to them? What if they don’t answer? What do you tell them if they do?

Two, you don’t go thinking it is impossible, but you keep wondering if maybe they want to tell you something? I they are happy where they are? Was it painful? You will never know.

Is it better to know and suffer, possibly, or to never know but keep wondering? What do you do?

You decide to find that persona and see if you can talk to the love of your life, to see if they want or need to tell you anything.

You are standing in front of the small house that has no marks about offering those ‘services’ so you wonder if you should go. You decide to go inside.

The guy is a bit older, in his late fifties or so, he offers you tea and you sit down. You tell him why you are here, what happened and how. He asks you to close your eyes and think about your loved one. Then, you feel somebody’s presence around you.  Someone whispering something to you. It is a soothing voice, it resembles the voice of the person you lost. You finally feel calm, at peace with what happened. You finally accept that you cannot change the situation. It happened for who knows what reason, if any reason at all. You tell them you love them. They tell you they are ok, that they are happy and are watching over you. You feel better. Much better. Slowly, the presence disappears. But you still feel their love. You feel like it is ok. You feel like you can move on, you know they are safe. You talk a bit more with the person and you leave. On the way home you feel better than you have felt in days, months, maybe even years. You feel hope, love. You know someone cares about you. They still watch over you. You feel like you will make it.


I am just a girl that wants to write about anything and let her thoughts wonder on the paper.


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koolkosherkitchen · February 8, 2018 at 11:54 am

Very well written! Thank you for stopping by and liking the latest Lasting Joy club post. Welcome to Lasting Joy – choose to be happy today!

Anonymous · February 12, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Beautifully written.

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