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Here I Am

Share my writings with you?
It really isn’t that easy.
It is actually a terrifyingly hard thing to do!
Or maybe it is only hard for me.
You see, the things I write are my soul.
They are my struggles, my joy, and my pain.
They show every side of me, the physical and the ghoul.
They show you my heart and my mindless brain.
Does that explain why I don’t want you to see
the things I am writing right here?
I don’t want you to see me!
You see writing is my life, and it is my greatest fear,
that you will see it, you will see me, and hate it.
I shouldn’t be so afraid of that, I admit.
But it terrifies me, so I stayed silent for years.
But a year ago, I started posting despite my fears,
I am still afraid, but I am stepping out.
I am constantly held back by my own doubt
But I want to become better, I want to be strong,
and I have been weak for far too long.
So here you go, here I am, here is my soul
it is sometimes great, sometimes not, sometimes empty, sometimes full,
But here it is in all it’s tarnished glory
and if you hate it? Please, walk on by and let it be.

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I am a student, nanny, and blogger. Music is my escape. Writing is my coping mechanism. I hate sharing what I write, but I do it anyway. And someday I will show it all to you.

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Anonymous · February 12, 2018 at 1:47 pm

This is so beautiful.

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