Have we forgotten the real meaning of Republic Day? Do we respect our national flag and our constitution?

The Indian Flag.
The tricolor.
Do we honor our national flag enough?
Do we respect it?
Do we love it?
I wonder if we do!
For us, respecting and loving our national flag is just about two days in a year. We go crazy over it on The Republic Day and The Independence Day. But do we respect it enough on the other days too? No!
It is Republic Day today, and many of you will buy Flags, put them on your shirts, carry them all around and show the world how much you love your nation. But, will you do the same tomorrow? I fear if you will.Rather, I am sure enough, you won’t.
Painting flags on your faces, carrying them with pride for one day doesn’t make you look cool. It may for a day, but won’t forever. Selling flags on roadsides, putting them up on your houses and your cars is not cool. Carrying them with pride one day, and then running over them and throwing them away the next, is not called patriotism. It is not for the love of your country that you organize rallies or events. It is just for showing off that you do it. It won’t make you a patriot. No!
You celebrate Republic Day. But do you even know why we celebrate it? There are many people out there who are keen on throwing the muslims out of the nation. There are many who want India to be a Hindu Nation. There are many who are fighting against people of other religions and spreading hate. But people, Republic Day is celebrated as it was on this day when the constitution of India came into effect. The same constitution which states that India is a secular nation. Everyone has the right to follow any religion of their choice. So, why do you condemn other religions? Do you celebrate Republic Day just for the sake of doing it and to look cool? Because I feel, most of you don’t even know the purpose of this day. For you, its just another day to “show off” your love for your nation, without realizing what you are doing.
I don’t know if ever you guys will know and understand the importance of this day or not, but please, don’t insult our national flag. Don’t buy it today, to throw it on the roads tomorrow.
Please, respect it.


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