Have some sportsman spirit, dear Proteas!

What happened at the wanderers today was completely against the spirit of the game. Just one ball from Bumrah, that too a short length delivery which was obvious to rise to a certain height was manipulated, saying that the pitch is dangerous. Elgar got hit on the head, but it was not because of the pitch. It was a bouncer and if it rose to that height, what’s wrong in it? Even Elgar’s technique was not up to the mark.
Earlier, when the Indians were batting, the South African bowlers were bowling on the body of Indian batsmen, that too tailenders. Even Indians were given an option to walk off and have the match abandoned. But they didn’t. They played in the spirit of the game and stood there. But when one ball rose and hit a South African top order batsman, the proteas went off the field.
Had it happened to an Indian batsmen, and had they tried to call off the match, they would have been called cowards. They would have been labeled cheaters. I ain’t saying that the Proteas are cowards, but that is how it is.
Have some spirit dear Proteas. Don’t start crying if the Indians have managed to put you on the back foot. Short length deliveries do rise. It is not something unexpected. It is not something that happened for the first time.


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